October 3, 2023

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Upcoming Parody Game Yet Another Fantasy Title Announced

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Video games Operators is publishing a further parody video game, However A further Fantasy Title. As the identify implies, this is the publishers’ get on the fantasy RPG subgenre. 

Games Operators posted Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) previous year, a parody of traditional Grand Theft Vehicle game titles. The video game is performed from a top-down standpoint and is a wildly inaccurate medieval pop tradition fusion extravaganza exactly where you can, as the title implies, steal horses. 

Atomic Wolf will be the developer in demand of bringing Yet Yet another Fantasy Title to everyday living. The Polish development studio is very best known for the graphic novel fashion action-journey sport Liberated. 


Yet One more Fantasy Title will also be played from a best-down point of view and is in the exact same parody vein as Rustler. The sport will be a function-reversal of ordinary fantasy tropes, as you engage in as a rogue who as an alternative of becoming made use of as fodder for a heroic character, as a substitute goes on to carve their own route in a fantastical planet. 

The recreation will be “set in a generic magical universe” loaded with people and objects you’d be expecting to locate in such a environment. There will be elves, dwarves, goblins and other fantasy races, as perfectly as standard medieval weapons and useable magic. 

The trailer, viewable over, circumvents typical fantasy tropes, such as the player character standing atop a bridge and telling a troll that he may possibly not go or the no-title rogue slaying the unicorn-riding picked out hero. 

Yet A different Fantasy Title is at the moment out there to wishlist on Steam. Nonetheless, the launch day is presently down as “when the ring is found” so in other text it is undecided. The game will be produced on Computer system but there is no information on irrespective of whether it will be coming to other platforms as of however.