September 26, 2023

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The Unique Appeal of Retro 1950s Advertising Art

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Retro is a word taken from the Latin prefix “retro” that means from the past or backwards. It is seen in words like retrograde and retrospective and refers to nostalgia. In the case of retro 1950s advertising art prints, it refers to past magazine advertising. Anything retro is considered trendy and unique in today’s society.

If you have seen those reproduction advertising posters and other paraphernalia like retro 1950s advertising art t-shirts in retail stores and online you already know that it is appealing. Many people have gotten creative with these old ads and placed them on products like coffee mugs, art prints, refrigerator magnets and many other kinds of products. You can find your own vintage magazine ads from the 1950’s and make your own products for your own personal use.

Where can you find retro 1950s ads? You need to look online at places like eBay, Etsy, Amazon and other online retailers for starters. These venues can offer you auction style or buy it now style listings. You are likely to spend less money on the original ads than on any product reproduction. You will also find a few sites that have these ads for sale like Ad Classix and Vintage Depot Direct.

Many people actually collect this type of vintage ephemera to mat and frame and hang on their wall as retro home decor. It goes great with any kind of furniture and home decor. These old 1950s advertising art prints make great conversation pieces no matter how you use them.

Artists and craft enthusiasts enjoy making things from retro 1950s ad art prints. Scrap booking, home made card making, decoupage any other kind of artwork are areas where these ads are used.

You can choose from a huge variety of vintage retro 1950s print ads.

Cars and trucks like GMC, Pontiac and Ford

Tires like Goodyear and Michelin

Sodas like 7-Up, Coke and Pepsi

Home appliances

Electronics like TVs and radios

Celebrity endorsements

Movie ads

Foods like Quaker Oats and Betty Crocker

Beer and liquor like Budweiser and Four Roses Whiskey

These are only a few of the areas in which you can find these old retro 1950s advertising art prints. While there is a large selection of various categories, many are rare and hard to find making them highly collectible. You want to watch for the condition of these ads when you are buying them since not all are in collectible condition. If you plan to use them for anything other than collecting the condition won’t matter as much.

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