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Honda Grazia review – All you need to know

Honda is probably the last brand to not pay attention to the scooter segment. It has offered various scooters in various styles for different types of customers. Various models include the Cliq, the stylish Dio, the popular Activa, Activa 125, Aviator and the Activa-i, which was marketed more for females. Honda’s wide range of scooters gives customers the liberty to choose from whatever fits their wants best. However, while all these scooters found their share of buyers, a feature-loaded model with sporty looks, was missing. That’s where the Grazia fits right in.

This modern-looking, European-like scooter is the brand’s second 125cc offering, with the Activa 125 having been the first. The 125cc segment is very competitive, but Honda has a small percentage of sales, while Aprilia and Vespa take up a major chunk in this space. Honda has been very keen to notice, and the result is the Grazia. With this new product, Honda has rolled in style, practicality and performance into one.

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The Honda Grazia isn’t only for women; men can look good riding it as well. The styling of the Grazia has been inspired by Honda’s premium scooters available in other markets. It features a distinctively styled LED headlamp, a compact compartment in the apron. This storage space also comes with a slot for a 12v charging socket. There’s even a useful seat-release button placed next to the four-in-one key slot. We particularly like the fully digital instrument cluster, featuring a three-step eco speed indicator and tachometer. The Grazia is fully plastic-bodied and uses the same underbone chassis as the Activa. Up-front, the Honda Grazia gets a telescopic fork and a 12-inch front wheel, while the rear includes a shock-absorber and a 10-inch wheel. On the Deluxe variant, you get a 190mm disc as standard, while the rest of the variants get 130mm drum brakes. The Grazia gets a Combi-Brake System and the wheels are shod with MRF Zapper rubber. These are tubeless tyres, and the base model gets Ceat rubber.

Performance matters

Honda Bikes have offered the Grazia with a 124.9cc engine, developing 8bhp and 10.54Nm of torque. For a scooter that weighs 107kgs, these figures are good. Acceleration is seamless and the motor never seems stressed, even when taken up until 75kph. We consider the tachometer to be of no use, but it helps you stay economical when it comes to your riding style. And for those of you particularly about frugality, the three-step eco speed indicator is there to remind you. It is a green indicator that includes three bars that light up when you’re making the most of the engine’s economy. It is obvious that Honda couldn’t help but focus on efficiency, but we think most of the Grazia’s buyers will consider it for it looks mostly.

The Grazia, from Honda Bikes, is quite an effortless performer, and the scooter is best ridden between 50 and 70kph. Even with a fairly weighty rider astride, the scooter manages to reach close to 90kph. At high speeds, the scooter surprises you with its confidence, making the rider and passenger feel comfortable. We hope they bring out a 150cc version of the Grazia too.

The handling

Dynamics-wise, the Honda Grazia impresses even around corners. The forks don’t dive-in too much under hard braking, but the front brake lever felt a bit inconsistent. However, braking hard can be done with confidence, thanks in part to the grippy tyres and the promising brakes.

The buying decision

Let’s talk about the equipment on offer. The LED headlamp is a segment-first feature; the three-step eco speed indicator will help keep economy-conscious riders aware of their riding style. We still wish the storage space up-ahead was bigger, and whatever is kept in it, is bound to get shaken up. Also, it doesn’t get a lock, meaning keeping your Grazia parked somewhere with valuables inside could prove to be risky. And while the under-seat storage capacity is good enough, it still can’t swallow-in a full-face helmet. The seat, which is from the Dio, isn’t as comfortable as we’d have liked it to be; an all-new seat is always welcome. For something that is offered as a premium product, we think the quality and finish could’ve been better. By and large, the Grazia makes for a good, well-rounded product in the 125cc segment – and to create something that is a combination of all good characteristics is always a challenge for manufacturers. It is even priced competitively and offers good value for what you get. Let’s also not forget Honda’s bullet-proof reliability and its vast sales and service network. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming scooters, only at autoX.