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Freddie Flintoff health and fitness: Prime Gear host discusses his bulimia – indications

Freddie Flintoff is not someone you would automatically affiliate with getting vulnerable. His profession as a skilled cricketer instilled in him the notion of by no means allowing down your guard and staring down your opponents. But, as he will expose in Freddie Flintoff: Living With Bulimia tonight, his prolonged-standing machismo has masked a serious well being struggle.

The cricketer learned that overtraining is also tied to the same unpleasant relationship with food stuff.

He explained: “I have realised that I could be dwelling improved and simpler with this. It manifests by itself in other strategies.”

What is bulimia?

Bulimia is an ingesting disorder and mental overall health situation whereby a individual goes by way of durations the place they eat a whole lot of food items in a incredibly quick amount of time (binge having) and then make on their own sick, use laxatives (treatment to enable them poo) or do excessive work out, or a mix of these, to try to prevent on their own gaining excess weight, states the NHS.

“Gentlemen and females of any age can get bulimia, but it’s most widespread in young girls and commonly starts off in the mid to late teenagers,” claims the overall health human body.

In accordance to ingesting conditions charity Beat Feeding on conditions, therapy can be suggested as element of the remedy for bulimia in order to deal with the fundamental thoughts and inner thoughts that result in the disease and really encourage healthier strategies of coping.

Therapies suggested to aid handle bulimia might contain:

  • Evidence-centered self-help, which will require some of the same methods you would master in deal with-to-facial area therapy. Preferably this will be with assistance and encouragement from your healthcare team.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy – Bulimia Nervosa (CBT-BN), CBT that has been adapted to go well with the requires of men and women with bulimia.
  • Other therapies, this sort of as interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), as an alternate to CBT.

“CBT is likely to be advised as part of your procedure, and may perhaps have constructive outcomes in excess of a shorter training course of procedure than other kinds of remedy,” claims Beat Eating problems.

It adds: “Even so, if CBT is not ideal for you, you can get superior results by other therapies as well.”

“If you happen to be worried that a spouse and children member or good friend may well have anorexia, permit them know you’re apprehensive about them and persuade them to see their GP. You could present to go along with them,” adds the NHS.

You can also communicate in self esteem to an adviser from feeding on issues charity Beat by contacting its grownup helpline on 0808 801 0677 or youth helpline on 0808 801 0711.