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Detailed View On NASDAQ:EYES Second Sight Shares

Second Sight Medical Products Rallies After FDA Approval: Technical Levels  To Watch

The Big FDA News Second Sight Behaviour On Friday, after reporting the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for its Argus 2s Retinal Prosthesis Device, the stock of soaring Second Sight (NASDAQ:EYES at is growing. Second Sight noted that the retinal prothesis system of Argus 2s is a modified version of external equipment used in combination with its implant Argus II. This equipment is a pair of lenses and a camera that allows people with retinitis pigmentosa to see (RP).

It also has designs for the 2s Retinal Prosthesis System of Argus, according to Second Sight. The corporation plans to use the Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis System in the next decade. This is a modern RP therapy in the making.

Second View points out that a range of enhancements over their predecessor are made by the retinal prosthesis Device Argus 2. Better ergonomics and better processing are part of this. This improved video processor means that performance can be improved.

Look like a deal

Second Sight CEO Matthew Pfeffer said this about headlines that will raise NASDAQ: EYES on Friday. We are delighted with this endorsement as it offers external hardware which, in our opinion, enhances comfort and aesthetics in comparison to the old Argus II system.”

The stock of the EYES shows fast selling next to the news today. More than 297 million shares changed hands as a result of this article. The estimated rate of trading of the securities is approximately 2 million shares a day.William White did not (directly or indirectly) have any stock holdings referred to in this report on the date of publishing.

The EYES Stock: 

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